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All popular websites have their own user authentication management system. When you log in, the system will use several methods to verify whether you did this operation yourself. In addition, for accounts that contain sensitive information or money-related, you need to log out of the account when you leave. This is a necessary but often forgotten thing.

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Enable Log In as Another User To help troubleshoot user issues, admins can log in to a Salesforce org as the user experiencing the problem. Depending on your org settings, an individual user can be prompted to grant login access to an admin.

Allow a system administrator to log in as any User


Salesforce administrators can log in as another User to help replicate an issue. Note: This feature is now enabled by default and no longer needs to be requested as an activation from Salesforce Support. Please be sure to read this document on how to Log In as another User for more information on the process once this feature is enabled. See Also

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Jun 27, 2018

 · You can go to the User record page of that user and click the "Login" button to login as that user. If you did not see the "Login" button, maybe you can use that User’s username and password to log in to Salesforce, then go to Set Up – My Personal Information – Grant Login Access, now you can grant access to "Your Company’s Administrator".

Enable the ‘Administrators Can Log in as Any User’ Feature


Nov 24, 2021

 · 2. Enter Login Access Policies in the Quick Find box. 3. Enable Administrators Can Log in as Any User. 4. Click Save. If you are on the correct Edition, but do not see the above option in Login Access Policies Salesforce Customer Support must enable the feature. Use the following steps to begin this process.

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Sep 19, 2011

 · All Answers. SrikanthKuruva. this is not possible. only system admins and salesforce support personnels can see the login as button on the user detail page and that too only if the login access is granted. September 18, 2011. ·.

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 · Enable proxy login on your org… Did you ever have a user that is having issue and needs you to troubleshoot ? You need access but these guys are hard to get .

Grant Salesforce Support login access to your organization


Jun 30, 2021

 · You cannot grant login access if you’re logged in as another User via their login access. For example, a System Administrator cannot login as an end User and grant login access to Salesforce Support. Similarly, if the Admin has the feature ‘ Organization Admins can Login as Any User ‘ privilege, Salesforce Support cannot login as a System Admin and then

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Aug 28, 2014

 · Matthew Brown. If you are in production your users will have to grant you login access. They may have granted you access for a period of time (as you have to designate when you grant login access to an administrator), and that period may have recently expired. You should follow up with that user and have them grant you login access again.

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Lightning Experience User Interface: Click on the logged in user’s avatar in the top right-hand side of the screen and choose Settings. Click on Grant Account Login Access. Use the Access Duration picklist to set the number of days to allow Login Access. Click Save. Salesforce audits all actions taken while logged in as another user.

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